Party Blowout Whistles (10pcs/Set) - Cheeky Monkey

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Sometimes the little ones just remind us of cheeky monkeys because of how active, agile and playful they are! Nonetheless, they are at the age to be lively and energetic. If you are planning for an animal kingdom party for your cheeky monkey, complete it with our Party Blowout Whistles! Make some noise~Whistle like a kettle~Liven up the party tonight~! Even for those who can't whistle, this Party Blowout Whistles makes it all easy for all ages!

Size of Blowout Whistle: Approximately 6cm (at rest) to 18cm (fully stretched)

Size of Card: Approximately 8cm to 11cm

Material: Premium Card Stock Quality Paper & Plastic

Each set contains 10pcs of party blowout whistles.

Simple assembly required. Simply put the blower through the card to complete it.


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