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Everyday Balloons



This category contains all Givefun's collection of balloons for all occasions, including Wedding, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Proposal, ROM, Bachelorette Party, Anniversary and many others. All balloons in this category can be used to decorate any party or event. There's a few sub categories including Balloon Packages, Balloon Clusters, Letter/Number Balloons, Latex Balloons, Foil Balloons, Tassels Garland Balloons, Confettis/Glitters/Balloon in Balloon, Ultra Clear Bubble Balloons and Balloon Pumps. We provide Helium Balloons Delivery and Self-Collection service for all helium balloons.

About Givefun

Mission: Singapore first and leading E-commerce website for Weddings, Birthday Parties, Baby Shower and Events. We provide creative and fun decorations for all special occasion with diverse product range.

Based in Singapore, Givefun is set up with a humble aim of ‘giving fun to the people’, by providing creative, vivid and fun decoration supplies for all your special occasions and parties with a diverse product range. Givefun has everything you need to style your Bachelorette’s Party, ROM, Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, Baby Shower and many of your special days, leaving a beautiful memory for your guests and the loved ones.

Our source of inspiration of ‘Givefun’ also came from the name of "结婚“pronounced in Cantonese, which mean ‘get married’. From Traditional Oriental Wedding to Modern Wedding (i.e Garden Wedding, Beach Wedding Reception, Church Matrimony and etc), Givefun has just the items you need to make your dream wedding to reality.

Get all your party decorations supplies now and have them delivered to your doorstep, it’s just a few clicks away:www.givefun.com.sg .We support International Shipping too!




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