[The Standups] Happy Birthday Rainbow Cupcake Standup Balloon (47inch)

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Introducing the Enchanting 47-Inch Happy Birthday Rainbow Cupcake Standup Balloon: A Burst of Colorful Joy That Lasts for Days! When it comes to celebrating, bigger is always better! Get ready to add a dazzling touch to your celebrations with our 47-Inch Happy Birthday Rainbow Cupcake Standup Balloon—a true showstopper that's vibrant in colors and designed to make your celebration last!

Introducing The Standups, a brand new line of products by Grabo Balloons which are designed to make a statement for your next occasion. One of the key USP (Unique Selling Point) of The Standups is that no Helium Gas is required, just fill them up with Normal Air and they're ready to roll. The coolest part of The Standups is that it can stand on its own, thank to its patent pending design & structure which supports it. Because they're Normal Air filled, so they can last for weeks if not months. If you're looking for something to make a big statement, or to WOW your guests (and possibly yourself?), or to inject some liveliness into your decor, you should really consider The Standups. We highly recommend, Give Fun approves! 

Material: Branded Foil, Made in Italy

Inflated Size: 47" / 82cm x 119cm x 55cm

You have the flexibility to choose how you'd like your balloon prepared to suit your specific needs: 

(1) Normal Air Filled; 

  • Balloon will stay inflated for approximately a few weeks (depending on independent usages and different use cases) 
  • Balloon is able to stand on its own (without Helium Gas)


(2) No Air Filled (Flat Packaging)

  • Balloon is sent in flat packaging without air inflation
  • Balloon can be inflated via normal drinking straw, manual hand balloon pump. All pumps or inflators are not included

 These options give you the freedom to choose the inflation method that best suits your event or decoration needs.


Warning: Adult supervision is required as uninflated balloons can be a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach from children and discard broken balloons. Do not inhale helium gas at all time, it can be a health hazard.

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