Streamer Curtain Fringe Backdrop (1meter x 2 meter) - Sparkling Pink

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So you're planning for a party and have probably gotten everything except for the Backdrop, which is going to the main thing of the party? Introducing our Streamer Curtain, also known as Fringe Backdrop, a simple, fuss-free and effortless way to quickly transform any corners to a photogenic and instagrammable central of attention. 

Streamer Curtain/Fringe Backdrop is nothing new and isn't revolutionary, in fact it has been in the market for quite sometime. What is so unique about our product lies on its Color and Finishing! Not the ordinary Gold, Silver or Rose Gold, it's just different!

We recommend to have them as a backdrop to your dessert table, or as a fringe curtain for your photo booth corner, or just let your imagination run wild and be your own party stylist! If we may suggest, consider complementing the backdrop with our Balloon Clusters or Organic Garland, we promise it will look extra gorgeous!

"How to put on the new Streamer Curtain/Backdrop you've just received?", you asked. Remove it from our fuss-free packaging, put it on your desired place through the adhesive strip on the back (or with the glue dots included) and they're ready to rock the party. The setup process can be summarized in four words, Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

It works on virtually all surfaces, such as tiles, concrete wall, laminated partitions and etc. 

Size/Dimension: choice of 2m (height) x 1m (width) 

Material: Foil


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