Ruffled Crepe Paper Roll For Party Streamers/Backdrop (300cm x 7cm) - Rustic Forest

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Create a picture-perfect party backdrop with our Ruffled Crepe Paper Party Streamers/Backdrop. This little roll of Crepe Paper comes in multitude of usages: as a fringe curtain/backdrop for Photobooth corner, draping it across the space between walls to set the scene for any occasions, as a table skirting for the dessert table and more! This party 'hack' will surely help you on your venue decoration! 

Instead of your usual Fringe Backdrop (click here), these Crepe Paper Party Streamers/Backdrop can transform any space into a crafty and funky place! Well, who doesn't love an artsy fartsy decor?! Our Crepe Paper Party Streamers comes in a wide range of colors, consider picking 2-3 of them to match your party theme, and re-create that Pinteresty backdrop! One more tip: Twist and Twirl the Crepe Streamer to give it a nice & swirly effect!

"Oh I'm not a handy person, what should I do with the Crepe Paper Party Streamers/Backdrop that I've just received?", you asked. Don't sweat it, the crepe paper comes in a whole roll,  just measure the intended height that you want to transform it into a backdrop (or the height of your dessert table if you're making a table skirting), and cut it accordingly. You're free to cut them in varying lengths to have a contrasting look, or same lengths to create a clean & chic backdrop.

It works on virtually all surfaces, such as tiles, concrete wall, laminated partitions and etc. 

Size/Dimension: 300cm (length) x 7cm (width) 

Material: Crepe Paper (not water resistant)


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