We wish everyone a Happy, Safe, & Blessed Ramadhan!

We wish everyone a Happy, Safe, & Blessed Ramadhan!

Posted by Jesselyn on 22nd Mar 2024

For those who are fasting on this islamic month, we wish every single one of you a happy, safe and blessed Ramadhan!

Origin of ‘Riang Raya’

At the heart of Raya Spirit lies joy, reunion, togetherness, laughter, and neighborhood camaraderie. The quintessence of this? Riang.

In Malay, ‘Riang’ embodies brightness and vibrancy, capturing the very essence of the festive season. Hence, we've christened our Hari Raya Collection this year as ‘Riang Raya’, a name that not only conjures up a sense of celebration but also assures a collection that is vibrant, lively, and imbued with the warmth shared during this special time.

Our collection features modern Raya festive colors such as pastel laurel green and gold, adorned with traditional motifs and incorporating the symbol of the moon, which holds deep cultural significance in Raya celebrations. Whether for home decorations, event venues, or gifts, the Riang Raya collection promises to infuse an extra dose of joy and excitement into your Raya celebrations.

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