We are serious about FUN and BALLOONS we provide to you!

We are serious about FUN and BALLOONS we provide to you!

25th Aug 2019


It is important to know the source of products we consume and use everyday. Here at Give Fun, we're pleased to announce that our Latex Balloons are from the two industry leader of balloons -- Qualatex (a United States company) and Sempertex (a Columbia company). Not only are they aesthetically great looking, they are also 100% biodegradable.

These Biodegradable balloons are manufactured from the sap of the Rubber Tree, better known as Latex. The rubber sap is then transformed into balloons, through different processes but maintaining its natural condition. No filler materials, plasticizers or other agents are used to reduce costs.


Sap from PineTree to transform into balloon

Photo from: https://www.wildernessarena.com/supplies/misc-sup...

Why the color of the latex balloons change?

Do note that Latex balloons are biodegradable and photodegradable. Hence, when you see a clear balloon start to "fog/cloudy" under the sun, you are seeing it beginning to oxidize and photodegrade. The rate of degradation is highly variable as it's influenced by many variables such as temperature, the amount of light, the presence of latex consuming microbes, etc.


Foil Balloons are not Biodegradable, but the good news is you can actually reuse and re-purpose them! By reusing them, you can save on the cost of your party/event and also go “ Green” at the same time!

Here is a video on how you can deflate the foil balloons and reuse the for you next occasion!

Do you know that Foil balloons reacts to temperature?

As Foil balloons have a fixed volume, meaning the material has very little or no stretch.Hence cold air does cause helium-filled balloons to deflate, but it does make helium molecules lose energy and move closer together. This decreases the volume inside the balloon and makes the shell of the balloon shrink and sink to the ground overtime.

Similarly, hot environment or heat will cause the foil balloons to expand further. This is because helium molecules get bigger when they heat up, so if your balloons keep getting hotter, they will eventually pop. PS: Do not put your Foil Balloons in the boot or leave them in a hot car for a long time under the hot sun!

At room temperature, helium molecules move about freely and are spread far apart, which is why helium balloons float in the air at room temperature.

Credits: https://sciencing.com/soda-explode-freezers-5145369.html


*The various floating time you need to know when you purchase a balloon*

While some balloons may have longer floating time, actual floating time vary depending on temperature, atmospheric and other external conditions. All balloons will be in its perfect condition on the first day. 



  • We DO NOT accept orders via Phone, WhatsApp, Email, you may place your order online at www.givefun.com.sg
  • Place your order at least 3 working days in advance to reserve your time slot for Delivery/Self-Collection. 
  • All Personalised Balloons require 2 business days lead time
  • Requested Mock Up artwork needs to be confirmed and freezed at least 3 days before the chosen Delivery/Collection date.
  • All Helium Balloons are recommended to be collected/delivered an hour prior to the event.
  • All special request(s) regards to your order can be stated at Check Out under Order's comments at Step 5 Order's Confirmation. We will contact you should there is any surcharge applicable


  • Keep your balloons secured to a balloon weight 
  • Do not release the balloons into the air
  • Dispose used latex balloons properly 
  • Adult supervision is required as uninflated balloons can be a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach from children and discard broken balloons. 
  • Do not inhale helium gas at all time, it can be a health hazard.

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