Toy Story 4 is Back

Toy Story 4 is Back

Posted by Give Fun on 29th Jul 2019

Toy Story, an animated production by Disney's Pixar first commenced on 1995, and has since captivated all of us, children and adults. The trilogy ended with Woody watching his beloved owner Andy driving off to college, leaving all his favorite toys to Bonnie. It's one of the most bittersweet moments across the entire Toy Story instalment. Today in 2019, Toy Story is back! Have you catch it in cinema? If you've yet to, we recommend booking a ticket and enjoy the 120 minutes in the cinema. It's sweet, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable movie!

In conjunction with the screen opening of Toy Story 4, Give Fun proudly presents our specially styled and curated Balloon Bouquets and arrangements. We're in love with every one of them, what about you?

[No Spoiler] Our favorite part of the movie? Well I can't speak on the team's behalf, because we each have different parts where we love most. For me, my favorite scene (or rather favorite quote) is going to be Woody telling Buzz Lightyear 'listen to your inner voice' when asked about how Woody knew what to do everytime. Buzz is shocked, but he did exactly what Woody told him to whenever he bumped into situation, Buzz would press on one of his action sounds and his 'inner voice' would speak and he know what to do next. It's funny, we all had a great laugh seeing Buzz's actions. But behind all the laughters, the message to us viewers is clear -- Listen to your inner voice.

When you're in a difficult situation, or facing crossroads in life, or doubting yourself what should you do next, remember, "Listen to the still, small voice inside of you". It knows what to do because you’ve trained and prepared for your position. Listen to your inner voice!