Ksisters Paddle Pop Tunic Top X Give Fun

Posted by Give Fun on 10th Apr 2018

It's not the first time Give Fun works with Ksisters, so glad to have Jungmin to throw in our fun balloons for the  photoshoot! 

We fall in love immediately with the extra cheerful pop of colors from Ksisters Paddle Pop Tunic Top! Not to mention the Tunic Top is so versatile, love the breathable fabric that make it so easy to wear in Sunny Singapore and the best part is, it's wrinkle-free (oh yay no ironing is needed)

The mini version for your little ones are available for pre-order this Thursday 12th April 2018! Do not miss it! www.ksisters.sg Matchy matchy is in trend now!

We will be giving away our Signature Personalised Crystal Clear Balloon in this collaboration for Ksisters fans! Stay tuned for the Giveaway announcement on @ksisters.sg  

Shop Paddle Pop Tunic Top at www.ksisters.sg

Hit www.theloveco.studio for the amazing photography

For Everyday Balloons Fun, www.givefun.com.sg

These mama and daughters are so lovely, aren't they?

Meet Jungmin, beautiful mama behind Ksisters.sg!

These are our Air-Filled Fashion Color Latex Balloons in 4 sizes: 5inch, 12inch, 18inch & 36inch to create a soft and harmonic visual. 

Tips: Get some pre-filled balloons in various sizes from Give Fun and time to get your party/photoshoot rolling!

The Colors featured are White, Peach Blush, Tiffany Blue and Bubblegum Pink.

It made us feel like doing a photoshoot like that too!

Coco looking so adorable playing with the Giant Balloon (36inch)!

Dreaming of a fun day filled with full balloons now?


Kiss me!

Balloons as featured:

5" Mini Fashion Color Balloons: https://www.givefun.com.sg/5inch-balloons/

12" Fashion Color Balloons: https://www.givefun.com.sg/12inch-balloons-1/

18" Fashion Color Balloons: https://www.givefun.com.sg/18-fashion-color-round-...

36" Giant Latex Balloons: https://www.givefun.com.sg/36-giant-round-latex-ba...

24" Personalised Crystal Clear Balloons filled with Mini Fashion Color Balloons: https://www.givefun.com.sg/24-personalised-crystal...

Photo Credits: https://www.ksisters.sg/ and The Love. Co (https://www.theloveco.studio/)