[Mid Autumn] Paper Lantern (25cm) - Blue Jade Rabbit (Lantern Stick & Warm White LED Light are included)

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[Mid Autumn] 中秋节, or Mid Autumn Festival (or Mooncake Festival for the foodies!) is one of the most important occasions for Asian & Chinese. In fact for most of us who're celebrating, Zhong Qiu Jie (Mid Autumn Festival) is the second most significant traditional Chinese festival after Chinese/Lunar New Year, because it's all about 'REUNION', all about celebrating and having important moments with family and loved ones, all about together-ness, and all about Mooncakes & Lanterns (XD!). This Mid Autumn Festival, let's take a trip down to the memory lane, back to the time when social medias and phones don't exist, when Mid Autumn is all really about walking with Lanterns, playing with Candles and enjoying the moon-view with family.

This Mid Autumn Festival, make it a memory that counts. To the Adults and Children: take a slow stroll with the lantern, and come back with plenty of joy. Don't take our word for it, do it and let us know! 

A modern and cute twist to our paper lantern: Paper Lantern (25cm) - Blue Jade Rabbit

Material: Full Color Printed Paper 

Size: 25cm (Diameter)

Paper Lantern is well packed in a resealable plastic cover, clear instructions will be given together with the order

1pc Lantern stick and 1pc Paper Lantern LED Light - Warm White are included

Paper Lanterns are foldable (for easy storage) and re-usable (eco-friendly!)

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