Decorative Natural Sea Shells - Assorted Design (130g/pack)

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A pack of beautifully blended natural sea shells for you! How shall we use them? Ohh, they come in multitude of usages. They are ideal as decorative pieces for a Under The Sea themed party (how: simply lay them on your dessert table for decoration), Beach Weddings or Decors (how: add them onto the guests table as centrepiece to enhance the theme), Art & Crafts (how: simply glue them together and start creating!), Desk Decoration (how: put them into a pretty jar from IKEA), Scrapbooking (how: glue and decorate your scrapbook, DIY!) and more!

The natural sea shells are packaged in a bag, weighing 130 gram. Each sea shells is unique, created by nature.

Material: Natural Sea Shells, Made in China

Size/Weight: Decorative Natural Sea Shells come in a pack of 130gram (approximately), containing 30pcs (approximately) natural sea shells in various sizes

Dimension: Each natural sea shells measures 2-5cm (width at its widest)


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