Balloon's Longevity


Different type of balloons have different longevity. To ensure you receive your balloons in perfect condition for your party, please schedule the delivery/self-collection date on the actual day of your event, not more than 2 hours before your party starts for helium-inflated latex balloons. You may refer to the chart we prepared for detailed helium balloon floating times.

  • 12" Latex Helium Balloons: Approximately 8 hours*
  • 18"-24" Latex Helium Balloons: Approximately 12 hours*
  • 30"-36" Latex Helium Balloons: Approximately 16 hours*
  • 18-36" Foil Helium Balloons: Approximately 24 hours or more*
  • 16" Orbz Helium Balloons: Approximately 2 days or more*
  • 22"-24" Bubble Helium Balloons: Approximately 4 days or more*

*depending on weather condition/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported 


 1Q. How do I know my balloons will be inflated?

A: You can choose how you would like your balloon to be prepared. If there is no option to select, please refer to the product description at the bottom of every product page.


2Q. Can I change the color of the balloon string?

A: Balloons will mostly be attached to white-coloured strings. 

If you would like the strings to be of other colors, you can indicate this in the Order Comments (after Shipping Method) at Check-Out. 


3Q. Can I choose more colors, your website only allows me to choose 2 or 3 colors?

A: Yes, you are able to have more than 2-3 colors for your balloon. You can indicate the colors you would like to have in the Order Comments (after Shipping Method) at Check-Out.

For example: I would like to have 4 colors for my balloon cluster which includes Pure White, Oat Milk, Rustic Rose and Sage Green.


4Q. Can I mix and match the balloons that I like and have them tied into a bouquet?

A: Yes, you may add the different balloons you like to your cart. Please leave your request to tie all the balloons together in a cluster in the Order Comments (after Shipping Method) at Checkout. We will contact you if any surcharge is applicable.


5Q. My balloon is not fully inflated upon delivery/my balloon is leaking?

We always ensure that all balloons are handed over in perfect condition. If your foil balloon starts to become a little soft, you can reinflate them using the straw provided.

Please be aware that helium expands in warm conditions and contracts in colder temperatures, which is normal behavior. Additionally, we provide a straw for you to reinflate the balloon whenever necessary.

How to Re-inflate Foil Balloon Video Link:

Please let us know after you’ve tried inflating your balloon if the balloon is still in good condition. If you still need help, do whatsapp or call us at 69092327 should you need immediate assistance.


6Q: Will you help me set up the Balloon Bouquets/Clusters?

A: All our balloon clusters will be styled and bundled nicely. Each balloon cluster will be packed into individual plastic bags for protection and easier transportation (to avoid tangling). Upon receiving your balloons, simply unpack them from the plastic bag, loosen the strings if there is any tangling, and place them wherever you like.


7Q: I have my own balloons, do you provide helium inflation services?

A: Yes we do! You can check the type and size of your balloon, the prices are listed here on our website:

If you would like to have your balloons inflated with helium, you may place an order at the above link. You may let us know when you will be dropping/delivering your balloons under the Order Comments (after shipping method) at Check-Out. 

Please Note:

1. We will not be responsible for if the balloon burst during/after inflation due to any reasons

2. We will not be responsible for if there is defects on the balloon prior to/after inflation





All our Creative Balloons and Balloon Gifts are filled with normal air. They are designed to last longer, staying in perfect condition for the first 2 days and maintaining their shape for up to a week or more in indoor room temperature conditions. However, the colors of the latex balloons might appear powdery or faded due to oxidation, which is normal. 



1Q. Do you help to set up the Organic Balloon Garland?

A: All our Organic Balloon Garlands are styled and assembled nicely in our office. Upon delivery, you just have to unpack them from the plastic bag that we use to wrap the balloon garland for protection and do your own installation. We do not provide on-site set up services, but we do provide all the necessities, including tools (3M Command Hooks) and instruction guides for easy installation.


2Q. Do you have any Balloon Garland that does not need Set Up? 

A: If you're seeking a setup-free option, consider our Standing Organic Balloon Garland. You can simply place it anywhere you'd like, whether against the wall or in front of your backdrop. For more details, you may refer to this link


3Q. Are you able to suggest what colors I should choose for a themed birthday party?

A: Yes, we can help with that! We can send you some real-life photos for inspiration. If you have a color preference, you may send us your photos, and we can match it for you. Additionally, you can send us a photo of your birthday cake, and we can match the colors for you. WhatsApp us at +65 8897 7167 (:


4Q. Are you able to make an “L” shaped balloon garland?

For L shape effect, It is 3.5meter long for the garland in total. You can place an order for 2 meter and 1.5meter garland, you may leave a remark under Order Comments at Check Out to make it into a L shape garland on the ground.

Upon receiving, you can simply twist the garland and adjust the flow a little to achieve the desired L shape effect.



1Q. Can I have a look at the design of the personalized balloon?

A: Yes you can! For all our Personalized Balloon, there’s an option “to be emailed to me for confirmation (Only 3 minor changes are accepted.)” with a $5 mock-up fee. A mock up will be emailed to you from our designer for confirmation before printing.


2Q: I have my preferred design/font/color for the artwork on personalized balloons. Can you please use a similar design? 

A: Yes, we can! You may leave your remarks at the Check-Out under "Order Comments" so that we can design your personalized artwork according to your preferences.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!


3Q: Do you print the artwork on the balloon for your Personalized Balloons? 

A: No, we do not print the artwork directly on the balloon. All our Personalized Balloons use a high-quality sticker that is pasted onto the balloon. As the balloon naturally and gradually becomes smaller, the personalized text on the balloons may show signs of wrinkling over time.


4Q: Do you do 12” Latex Balloon Printing? 

A: Yes, we do! Please WhatsApp us (+65 8897 7167) your inquiries regarding 12” Latex Balloon Printing. For latex balloon printing, the MOQ is 100 pieces. We require a lead time of 10-12 business days upon order, artwork confirmation, and full payment.