(310 gsm Art Card cut-out) Its A Girl! Baby Shower Photobooth Props (25 Designs, DIY Kit)

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Celebrate your baby's gender with our Its A Girl Photobooth Props (25 Designs). Congratulations, it's a girl!! You may use the prop to announce the baby's gender and surprise the parents-to-be!

The paper cutouts have different sizes, ranging from 3.8cm to 13.5cm (both in width)

Each wooden dowel is approximately 20cm Long (with a diameter of 0.3cm)

Material: 310gsm Art Card cut-out

Design includes: Baby Bid, Milk bottle, Rattle, Romper, Socks, Safety pin, Diaper ,Tiara, pacifier etc

Simple assembly required. Paper cutouts, wooden dowel and glue dot sticker are provide separately


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