(15 Tassels Pack) Tassels Garland DIY Kit (15 Tassels) - Happy National Day

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Together, A Stronger Singapore! NDP 2020 is going to be a wholly different national celebration, because it will be brought into every Singapore home. "Together, A Stronger Singapore" is the theme for this year's NDP, we love it because it's connected to us in so many ways, especially during trying time like now. Indeed a rallying call to Singaporeans to play our part to push forward and determine Singapore's future, in spite of the difficulties and crisis. We've been doing special commemorative NDP collection every year since 2017, and we're so excited to introduce our NDP 2020 collection. (p/s: visit here if you wish to learn more about NDP 2020)

NEW! We're coming up with this new color commemorating NDP 2020. Tassels garland creates a 3 dimensional look which stands out with the other decors such as banner, paper flower pom poms, paper flower fans, paper honeycomb balls and balloons. It is definitely going to be one of the wow factor to the backdrop of your dessert table at your party, ROM, Baby Shower, Wedding or any celebrations! A must-have piece for your stay home NDP party!

Size: Each Tassel is approximately 35cm tall

Simple Assembly Required. Everything you need to make a beautiful Tassel Garland. DIY Kit includes:

1) 3 packs of Pre-Cut Tassels Paper (each pack contains 5 tassels in Red, White and Metallic Silver)

2) 3 x 1 meter Jute Twine (white)


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