5" Personalised Mini Aqua Balloon Pop - Pastel Rainbow Marshmallow Sprinkles

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Introducing our brand new material Aqua Balloon to our all time favorite -- Mini Balloon Pop! The mini balloon pop is getting a refresh (again!) on its looks with Marshmallow Sprinkles and this is with Personalisation for an extra touch! Just to recap why we love our Mini Aqua Balloon Pop:

1. It can be handed over to your guests for photo-taking, both adults and children love it!

2. It can be served as a Cake Topper and give your cake a little style it deserved!

3. It's a unique piece of decoration for your Dessert Table or Party Venue with a touch of fun

4. Extreme transparency of the balloon pop making it an art piece to look at

Why Aqua Balloons? Aqua Balloon gets its name ('Aqua') as they look so similar to water droplets -- Transparent, Crystal Clear and Spherical in shape. A renowned Japanese manufacturer Takara Kosan invented Aqua Balloon and have since 'revolutionize' the balloon styling industry. Each Aqua Balloon has a glossy and completely see through finishing, they're made from a durable and stretchy material, perfectly spherical in shape when inflated. Aqua Balloons are ideal to be used for decorative balloon pieces (think: confettis balloons, double stuffed balloons, gumball balloons and etc) due to its total transparency and soft touch in nature.

How is this different from Latex Balloon? Unlike Latex Balloons which color will appear to be washed out over time due to a process called 'Oxidation' that's happening on latex balloons when exposed to air, Aqua Balloons do not have any 'oxidation' problem. The transparency (in layman term: see through-ness) of the Aqua Balloon will remain throughout the cycle.

Inflated Balloon Size: approx. 5inch (width at its widest)

Material: Durable, thin and expandable PVC with high transparency level

Length of Paper Swirl Straw: 19.5cm

The 5" Mini Marshmallow Sprinkles Aqua Balloon Pop - Pastel Rainbow is

(1) Inflated with Normal Air and Ready To Use

(2) With single-side personalisation text


Warning: Adult supervision is required as uninflated balloons can be a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach from children and discard broken balloons. Do not inhale helium gas at all time, it can be a health hazard.

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