[Wedding] Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Props (Eco Brown)

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- I'm Her Mr Right & I'm His Mrs Always Right Photo Props made your event special & memorable,add a little fun for your event/wedding

- Perfect for wedding decorations, ROM, Bridal Photoshoot, Pre Wedding Photoshoot, Quirky photo shooting props, bestmen & bridesmaid photoshooting 

- Strike a pose and take a picture with your loved ones!

- Size: 21cm x 14cm (Cardboard); 21cm x 3.5cm (Wooden Stick)

- Color Available: Eco Brown & Classic White

- A pair of I'm Her Mr Right & I'm His Mrs Always Right Photo Props which contains 2xCardboard with Sign, 2x wooden stick, and stickers.

Important Notes:

All items will be packed in bubble envelope.

In accordance to some of our customer feedbacks (some of the props dropped off from the sticks/being folded), we have improved the packaging. In order to prevent the DIY props from being damaged during delivery, all the props will be packed SEPERATELY (props-cut-out, sticks, double sided glue sheets) , thus, customers have to glue it by themselves !

Please note that each sticks is 21cmx3.5cm, 'I'm Her Mr Right' and 'I'm His Mrs Always Right' is printed on a 350gram Art Paper (Eco Brown or Classic White)