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Party Essentials


This category contains all Givefun's products for party decorations supplies for all special occasions, including Wedding, Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Dessert Table, ROM, Bachelorette Party, Anniversary and many others. There's a few sub categories including Photobooth Props, Bunting and Banners,Halloween Special and others. In this category, you can find exciting products such as Bunting, Banners, Happy Birthday Bunting, Just Married Banner, Bride & Groom Props, His & Hers Props, Moustache Props, 36 Designs Props, 32 Designs Props and etc.

About Give Fun

Mission: Singapore first and leading E-commerce website for Party Decorations,Weddings, Dessert Tables, Birthday Parties, Baby Shower and Events. We provide creative and fun decorations for all special occasion with diverse product range.

Based in Singapore, Give Fun is set up with a humble aim of ‘giving fun to the people’, by providing creative, vivid and fun decoration supplies for all your special occasions and parties with a diverse product range. Give Fun has everything you need to style your Bachelorette’s Party, ROM, Wedding Reception, Birthday Party, Baby Shower and many of your special days, leaving a beautiful memory for your guests and the loved ones.

Get all your party decorations supplies now and have them delivered to your doorstep, it’s just a few clicks away:www.givefun.com.sg .We support International Shipping too!


give fun   

[English] /ɡɪv/ /fʌn/

to offer pleasure to someone, or to provide someone with pleasure 

[Cantonese] git fan

结婚 get married

This is a story of boy meets girl, and you should know upfront, this is (almost) a fairytale.

“He’s got a heart of gold! He never stop learning.” – Nizz on Adrian

“She’s the Mrs. Incredible. There’s nothing she can’t do.” – Adrian on Nizz

In 2012, these high school sweethearts tied the knots after dating for ten years. Unlike Disney princesses, they have to go through all sorts of pain in wedding planning. The aha-moment was when they realize, “this simply has to be a better way!”. Hence, they took the plunge to become entrepreneurs and Give Fun was born (before their baby boy–Jayden)! They do not sell party packages, but the possibility to make them.

The idea, in hindsight, sounds almost too simple: giving fun to people. Executing it wasn’t a piece of cake. With a humble beginning at home, they started filling their online shop with rainbow-coloured balloons and party decors, which allows you play with. This visionary couple also believe that party planning doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. 

Nizz and Adrian definitely put up a good fight while juggling between their day jobs and this ‘baby’ start-up. After umpteeth sleepless nights, Nizz made the first move by quitting her day job as a banker. Three months later, Adrian gave up professional engineering and joined his wife. Who would’ve known? Give Fun then quickly morphed into a full fledged business and became a darling in the event industry. 




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