[National Day 2019] NDP 19 Alphabet & Number Balloons Clusters

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It's Singapore's 54th birthday! Let's celebrate together with the nation for anniversary of Singapore’s independence with our NDP 19 Alphabet & Number Balloons Clusters. It features 'NDP 19' Giant Balloons styled with 3 Star Foil Balloons (total balloon clusters: 5 sets)

Material: Mylar Foil


  • Number Foil Balloons:
    • Height: Approximately 100cm (40inch) for Gold, Silver and Metallic Pink, Width: Approximately 50-100cm (depends on the Number)
    • Height: Approximately 86cm (33inch) for Rose Gold and Black, Width: Approximately 83-91cm (depends on the Number)
  • Metallic Round Latex Balloons: 12inch 

This NDP 19 Alphabet & Number Balloons Clusters:

(1) Consists of a total of 5 balloons in a cluster, and a total of 5 clusters:

  • forming the word 'NDP 19'

(2) Inflated with Helium Gas

  • Floating time in air: Approximately 24 hours for Foil Balloons, depending on weather condition/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported

(3) Each balloon cluster is attached to a balloon weight (for balloon to stay grounded) for each balloon. Total height is approximately 1.8 meter

Warning: Adult supervision is required as uninflated balloons can be a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach from children and discard broken balloons. Do not inhale helium gas at all time, it can be a health hazard.

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