Jungle Safari Animal Kingdom Balloon Package

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  • Hop Hop Hop like a Bunny Balloon (20inch)
  • Lovely Brown Bear Balloon(20inch)
  • Puppy Dog Corgi Balloon (20inch)
  • Little Miss Piglet Balloon (20inch)
  • Cuddly Koala Balloon (20inch)
  • Leap like a Frog Balloon (20inch)
  • Purr like a Kitty Cat Balloon(20inch)
  • Adorable Party Panda Balloon(20inch)
Yes, we truly understand how hard it is to organise and throw a Jungle or Safari themed party. Nights of Pinterest pinnings, consultations with Mr Google, looking for inspirations from Facebook and the efforts goes on. Well, we're here and ready to strike that off from your to do list. We've come up with what we think is essential to a Jungle/Safari themed party, marrying with of our creativity, and putting them altogether in a package. Now create a memorable wildlife experience with our Jungle Safari Animal Balloon Package and choose animal character balloon of your choice! Let's party like animals and get a little Wild with our Jungle Safari themed Balloon Package!

Material: Mylar Foil & Durable Latex

Jungle Safari Animal Balloon Package includes:

(1) 2 Clusters of Helium Gas Filled Tropical Leave Print Latex Balloon Cluster

  • Each cluster consists of 9 Balloons (3pcs of 12inch Tropical Leave Print latex Balloons and 6pcs of 12inch Fashion Color latex Balloons)
  • You may choose up to two colors for Fashion Color Balloons 
  • Balloon cluster is attached to a balloon weight  
  • Total height per balloon cluster is approximately 1.8 meter (ground to top)
  •  Floating time in air: 
    • Latex Balloons: Approximately 8 hours, depending on weather condition/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported*

(2) 1 Helium Gas Filled Animal Character Balloon (20inch) of your choice 

  • You may select your choice of animal character (Panda/Frog/Tiger/Koala/Bunny/Piglet/Bear/Dog Corgi/Kitty cat) tied with Ribbon Bow and styled with 1pc Tassel
  • Attached to a balloon weight
  • Total height for the balloon is approximately 1.8 meter (ground to top)
  •  Floating time in air: 
    •  Animal Character Balloon: Approximately 2 Days, depending on weather condition/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported*

(3) 1 set of Normal Air Filled Balloon "Happy Birthday" Alphabet Foil Balloons (16inch) 

  • You may choose the color of your choice 
  • Balloon inflated with Normal Air (Balloon cannot float),
  • Balloon can stay inflated approximately for a few weeks 
  • Ribbon for hanging is provided. You'll need to string the balloons up yourself upon receiving

(4) Package does NOT include delivery

Change of designs and customization are strictly not allowed

Any discount/promotion is not applicable for balloon packages


Warning: Adult supervision is required as uninflated balloons can be a choking hazard. Keep uninflated balloons out of reach from children and discard broken balloons. Do not inhale helium gas at all time, it can be a health hazard.

Disclaimer: Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colors may vary from the product photos, and may also vary from the PC/Mobile/Tablet's screen due to monitor color restrictions.