[Give Fun x Flip For Joy] 花好月圆 Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Basket

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中秋节, or Mid Autumn Festival is one of the most important occasions for Asian & Chinese. In fact for most of us who're celebrating, Zhong Qiu Jie (Mid Autumn Festival) is the second most significant traditional Chinese festival after Chinese/Lunar New Year, because it's all about 'REUNION', all about celebrating and having important moments with family and loved ones, all about together-ness, and all about Mooncakes & Lanterns (XD!). This Mid Autumn Festival, let's take a trip down to the memory lane, back to the time when social medias and phones don't exist, when Mid Autumn is all really about walking with Lanterns, playing with Candles, enjoying the moon-view with family and sending love to the special someone.

This Mid Autumn Festival 中秋节, we're are working hand-in-hand with Flip for Joy to bring you this exquisite 花好月圆 Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Basket. We're pushing the boundaries in the art of gifting again, bringing you a unique and close to the heart way of sending love to someone important for you. This is going to be the warmest and cutest surprise on their doorstep, take it from us who're full time in 'giving fun'. 

Flip For Joy 中秋节立体绘本 is a beautifully illustrated pop-up book with interactive elements which promises to fascinate, surprise and engage readers big and small. (Recommended for ages 3 and above.) Read more on Flip for Joy, an amazing Singapore-based children's bookstore here: https://www.flipforjoy.com.sg/ 

Say hi! to our Exquisite Mid Autumn Gift Basket, when we're infusing fun (a lot of them) with gifting, a great pick for this Mid Autumn Festival. Featuring a beautifully illustrated pop-up book with interactive elements from Flip for Joy, an unique LED Lantern which projects fascinating shadows under dim light, a festive honeycomb dragon on handmade bamboo basket with floral elements, making it a great candidate to be sent as a gift to your loved ones. Suitable for family and friends gifting, corporate gifting and more. 

This Mid Autumn Gift Basket:

(1) Consists of:

  • 1pc of Flip for Joy 中秋节立体绘本 interactive pop-up book 
  • 1pc of Honeycomb Festive Dragon Decoration
  • 1pc of LED Light Paper Lantern
  • Styled with artificial peony flowers and leaves
  • A message card (with your own message or wishes) to be included inside the Gift Basket (optional)

(2) All items are packaged inside a handmade bamboo basket with lid & handle, measures 24cm x 21cm (base); 30cm (height)


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