(310 gsm Art Card cut-out) We did it! 2019 Graduation Photobooth Props (30 Designs, DIY Kit)

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Celebrate the Graduates achievement before they step into the real world! Moving into the unknown with our We did it! 2019 Graduation Photobooth Props (30 Designs). Hand this to your graduating classmates and have them strike a pose and take a picture for memory!

The paper cutouts have different sizes, ranging from 1.5cm to 16.1cm (both in width)

Each wooden dowel is approximately 20cm Long (with a diameter of 0.3cm)

Material: 310gsm Art Card cut-out

Design includes: Graduation Hat, Tie, Scroll, Bow Tie, Mustache, Lips and Spectacles etc

Simple assembly required. Paper cutouts, wooden dowel and glue dot sticker are provide separately


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