(310 gsm Art Card cut-out) Superhero Party Photobooth Props (12-Designs, Ready Made)

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It will be lot of fun acting like a superhero and taking photo with these Superhero Party Photobooth Props. You can also use it for decoration, party games and all kind of fun!

The paper cutouts have different sizes, ranging from 10cm to 14.5cm (both in width)

Each wooden dowel is approximately 18cm Long (with a diameter of 3mm)

Material: 310gsm Art Card cut-out

Design includes: Champagne Bottle, Champagne Glass, Balloons, Birthday Cake, Birthday Present, Hat, Star, Happy Birthday Sign etc (Refer to image) 

Ready-made Photobooth Props. No assembly required! Just take them out from the packaging and they're ready to be used on your party 


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